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Amy Weiss, 10-21-21

Barb Schaller is a renowned canner. Her jams and pickles have won ribbons at the State Fair for 39 years––and 175 of those ribbons have been blue. Her discovery of her sweet talent, though, could almost be called accidental.

Amy Weiss, 10-14-21

Staying active is beneficial for people of all ages, but it's especially important for older adults. But you may be surprised to learn that the benefit go beyond physical... Exercising with others offers many social benefits as well! A study f…

"My experience with Westwood Ridge Transitional Care was so fantastic that I'm still here two years later...as a volunteer! This place is infectious!"
– Kimber Maurine
"Yesterday was perfect, but today I'm doing better."
– Tom, Resident
"The Walker staff were so patient with my sister and the people there are just saints!"
– anonymous
"#1 the apartments are very nice. I love all the windows. The front desk is a virtual cornucopia of information! There is a friendly group of people here, and the people who work here are far more patient than I would ever be. They are cheery, and it is an upbeat place to live."
– Joyce Cassidy
"This is one of the best places to send your loved ones. We as a family would pick Westwood Ridge again."
– Kay Thomas