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Ben Lee, fitness technician, 09-23-21
Rev. Kevin Coder, chaplain, 09-21-21

In the Judeo-Christian Tradition we find a story in the Old Testament in a book called “Nehemiah.”

Rev. Kevin Coder, chaplain, 09-18-21

This morning there was a chill in the air, as a few leaves were slowly falling from the trees. Fall is here! I love fall in Minnesota: the return of football to the gridiron, hooded sweatshirts, pumpkin spice everything, and kids heading back …

"We recommend Levande to our friends. The facility is very adequate and the employees are friendly and always helpful."
– Mr. & Mrs. Robbins
"Everyone is friendly, caring, and helpful at Westwood Ridge. I just can't say enough about how safe I felt- it was like a home away from home."
– Mary Ann Dybedahl
"#1 the apartments are very nice. I love all the windows. The front desk is a virtual cornucopia of information! There is a friendly group of people here, and the people who work here are far more patient than I would ever be. They are cheery, and it is an upbeat place to live."
– Joyce Cassidy
"Levande has a wonderful variety of enrichment activities, and I am thrilled to see my Mom engaged in a meaningful activity when I stop by to see her."
– -a loving daughter
"I can't believe how the staff and other residents have proved to be so wonderful! There is such great attention to every detail."
– Carole Tollefson