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Making a Difference

At Walker Methodist, we strive to provide superior care to all older adults, regardless of health or needs. With this spirit – and in alignment with our Mission, Vision, and Values – we have partnered with Struthers Parkinson’s Center and provide Memory Cafés.

Parkinson's Care


In response to the growing need for expert Parkinson’s care, the Struthers Parkinson’s Center initiated the development of the Care Network in 2012. This network helps bring expertise of Parkinson’s to independent living, assisted living, and long-term care communities. Our partnership with them allows our communities to gather additional insight into the complexities of Parkinson’s through training and education.

Walker Methodist staff and caregivers are better trained to recognize and understand the complexities and varieties of Parkinson’s disease. As another level of specialized care, our staff can improve communication and create enhanced living experiences for those with Parkinson’s.

Not only are care staff members better prepared to assist those with Parkinson’s, they are also able to provide education, resources, and support to the individuals and their families.

Three of our communities – Highview Hills in Lakeville, Care Suites in Edina, and the Health Center in Minneapolis – have been chosen by the Struthers Parkinson’s Center to join their Care Network.

July 2016 Pastime; a Memory Cafe


This addition to Walker Methodist’s offerings is a social outlet. Memory Cafés provide a place for people with memory loss, Alzheimer's, dementia, or related illnesses and their loved ones to gather and connect with others in similar situations.

What started as an Alzheimer Café in the Netherlands in 1997 soon became multiple memory care cafés that expanded throughout Europe and eventually into the United States. With almost 200 cafés in the United States now, they have become a popular place for people to join together and exchange ideas on how to manage and embrace memory loss.

Our goal is for Pastime to be a place for people with memory loss to frequent for fun activities, fellowship, and social time. Pastime is an active and educational environment with a coordinator who handles all activities and communications within the group.

These events also help alleviate isolation. To learn more, read this story from the New York Times.

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