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Walker Methodist Foundation Receives $506,000 Grant to Provide Oral Health Services for Older Adults

As Minnesota’s aging population increases, so does the need for quality oral care

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Walker Methodist Foundation received a $506,000 grant from Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation for a three-year pilot program to help thousands of older adults. Through this grant, Walker Methodist will add a dental hygienist to its senior nursing team and provide oral health services for up to 1,500 seniors each year, the majority of whom require supportive services due to some level of functional impairment. This program will help create an effective and sustainable model of preventive dental care for use by other organizations who serve older adults.

“Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation is committed to providing oral health services to all Minnesotans—particularly the most vulnerable in our community,” said Joe Lally, Executive Director of Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation. “With Walker Methodist’s expertise in serving Minnesota’s growing population of older adults, we are excited about what this grant will provide for our state.”

Through this grant, dental hygienists will oversee daily oral care, education, and preventive dental services at three Walker Methodist housing communities beginning in Minneapolis, and expanding to Anoka and West St. Paul. The grant to Walker Methodist is part of a multi-year investment of approximately $1.5 million by Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation to bring care to Minnesota’s aging population.

“This grant is a win-win for everyone—the patient, the hygienist, and the nursing staff—and we are pleased to partner with Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation on this important initiative,” said Scott Riddle, Chief Executive Officer and President Walker Methodist. “As a result of this grant, Delta Dental will be poised to address the increased need for oral health in the growing population of older adults. We can’t thank Delta Dental enough for choosing Walker Methodist as its partner.”

Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation

In 2009, Delta Dental of Minnesota’s parent sold a company and used 100 percent of the proceeds to establish and fund Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation. Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation supports Delta Dental of Minnesota’s mission of improving the health of Minnesotans through oral health. Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation works to expand access to dental care for Minnesota’s underserved populations across the state by primarily investing in programs and organizations that provide dental care to people in need.

Walker Methodist Foundation

Walker Methodist Foundation raises funds for Walker Methodist to enhance the lives, programs and communities for our older adults. Walker Methodist owns, operates, and manages 13 senior living communities for 3,000 older adults in Minnesota. Since 1945, Walker Methodist has enhanced the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect, and service. Walker Methodist’s goal is to increase quality of life for patients and residents and to help them live their lives to the fullest through life enrichment, best-in-class health care and the innovative senior dental clinic.

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