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Care Suites Stories & Testimonials

Making memories and getting feedback from our residents and their families always touches our hearts. Below are some of our favorite Care Suites messages.

In spite of Dad’s challenges, he is smart and has the ability to laugh and enjoy life. Care Suites offers quality moments in so many ways throughout his day. The patience and respect that he is offered in the Care Suite community is heartwarming. All who are living with any sort of impairment are treated with dignity by residents and staff. Dad has been living at Walker Methodist Care Suites for 2 years now, and it has truly become his home away from home.
– Marcie, Bill's Daughter

To say that I sincerely thank everyone there for taking such good care of my dad is just understatement.

In the time that I spent with each of you I felt welcome and that everything would be taken care of properly. This speaks volumes for all of you. After all I am just a guy that is watching out for is old mother and father.

But I have a little tidbit that you all need to hear. The first time I walked in the door I knew that Walker was the absolute right place for my dad to be. My mom was concerned because of the cost. I told her that she made the absolute right decision by putting him there.

After meeting you all my feelings were Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. Sometimes an email is woefully inadequate. This is one of those times. Thanks you all so very much.

- Jeff Spranger, Son of Resident

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