Walker Methodist


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Dear residents and families of Walker Methodist,

Minnesota Department of Health has broadened its definition of Essential Caregiver. Because of this, long-term care and assisted living residents may be able to designate up to two individuals to enter the community to provide necessary care to the resident when it meets the criteria of an essential caregiver.

While this has been a welcome announcement, it has also caused some confusion. The opening of the community to essential caregivers does not mean that visitors are being invited into the community. It allows for a family member, outside caregiver, friend, or volunteer to be designated as an Essential Caregiver who provided regular care and emotional support to the resident prior to the pandemic. The community is required to consult with residents as to their choice of essential caregiver.

Please remember that there are still many ways to visit, including window visits, by Zoom or FaceTime, and outdoor visits.

Overview of COVID-19 status in July

As you know, I have sent weekly communications to you since the pandemic began; I will begin tapering these communications down to once a month, unless there are more urgent items to address. You will continue to hear from your community’s leadership team. I encourage you to reach out to the executive directors with questions that you have regarding COVID-19.

Resident cases:

  • Havenwood of Buffalo. 0 active cases. 1 case resolved. No deaths.
  • Health Center (Minneapolis). 0 active cases. 1 case resolved. No deaths.
  • Plaza (Anoka). 2 active cases. 1 resolved. 1 death.
  • Westwood Ridge (West St. Paul). 1 active case. 1 resolved. No deaths.

It is also important that you understand that the reopening of salons and fitness centers, the allowance of essential caregivers, and all other loosening of restrictions may be suspended if a new case of COVID-19 is identified in a community.  We continue take all necessary precautions to maintain the safety of our residents and team members to decrease the risk of the virus from entering the communities, but we need all residents and family members to be equally vigilant by wearing a mask in public, maintaining social distancing, and washing your hands frequently.

Regretfully, the majority of the cases in July were traced back to exposure from the outside community, meaning that residents contracted the virus from somewhere other than within a Walker Methodist community. For this reason, I urge all residents to help us fight this battle.

Thank you for your trust. Together we will overcome.

Scott Riddle,
President and CEO, Walker Methodist ​​​​​​