Walker Methodist


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Dear Walker Methodist residents and families,

In the last several days, we have received questions, suggestions, and feedback from many of you. And nearly all of the comments that were sent to us from residents and families asks the same question: when can we visit in person again?

This is a question we’re asking as well. And because we have no residents in any community with COVID-19 we continue to push our legislators and governing bodies to allow visitations soon.

Anneliese Peterson is the vice president of operations at Walker Methodist, and is a family member of a Walker Methodist resident. In February, she and her family helped move her father-in-law into one of our communities. She shares your frustrations and sorrows over the isolation that residents are experiencing.

“It breaks my heart every single day when I remember making promises to him that everything was going to be okay, that his wife of 57 years would visit often. And those promises went broken just a few weeks later.”

Please watch a short video from Anneliese in which she shares some insight into the work that is being done to make in-person visitation happen. https://youtu.be/GAl0zo4jn54

Thank you for your patience, your feedback, and your trust. Together we will overcome.

Scott Riddle,
President and CEO, Walker Methodist