Walker Methodist


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Dear residents and families of Walker Methodist,

When COVID-19 hit our state, and our communities were required to shut off access to the outside world, we thought that was the hardest thing we’d ever face. We knew how hard it could be on our residents, and we prayed for their ability to cope and thrive despite the restrictions.

And then a spark was lit with the horrifying death of George Floyd in our city, Minneapolis. The spark ignited around the country, and sent fires burning throughout our city and beyond. We all felt fear. And as rioting and looting came nearer to some of the Walker Methodist communities, our teams put their own fears aside to serve our residents.

When the busses shut down and routes to work resembled war zones, team members drove as many as eight co-workers home through the heart of Minneapolis on one of the most violent days. I learned of a team member who stayed up all night keeping watch over the businesses next to his house, and then came to work to next day because he said that his residents needed him.

I’m awestruck by the courage I’ve seen and the love of our teams for their residents and each other. Even in the midst of pain and anguish, there is so much good to be seen.

And even as the events unfolded in the Twin Cities and beyond, COVID-19 is still present. And our team members continue to put their fears on the back burner and serve.

I hope that you will pray for and say thank you to our team members. Their courage should not be overlooked, and your words do make a difference. You can share a message with them at www.walkermethodist.org/wellwishes.

Status Update

As of today, Walker Methodist has no residents with active cases of COVID-19!

Since March, we have had 44 residents with COVID-19. We have seen 31 recoveries, and with nearly 1,500 residents, this is worthy of celebration. But we also mourn the loss of 13 residents who died with or from COVID-19.

The relatively low number of cases can be attributed to team members working diligently and following proper infection control measures, and it can be attributed to families and residents agreeing to social distance, wear masks, and practice good hygiene. I know that this is hard for our residents, and we will continue to fight for our residents, finding ways to satisfy Department of Health guidelines, and at the same time, meet the needs of our families and residents.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Together we will overcome.

Scott Riddle,
President and CEO, Walker Methodist