Walker Methodist


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May 5, 2020

With all the coverage about senior living communities on the news, you might be tempted to think that these are not safe places to be. But those who live in our communities tell a different story—a story not of fear, but of safety; not of isolation, but of companionship.

Sandy Jack is a resident of our Havenwood of Onalaska community, who told us, There is no place I'd rather be than right here in this community during the COVID-19 scare. My apartment is my home, and I trust the wonderful staff and know I am in th every best place possible during a time like this."

We are working hard to create a safe haven for our residents. While the general public is slowly catching on to and sporatically using masks and practicing social distancing, our team members have been wearing protective equipment through their entire shift that keeps our residents safe. While news reporters and tv commercial teach the nation how to clean their hands, our team members have already been trained in proper hygiene and infection control/safety measures before they even start their first shift.

The majority of COVID-19 cases are found in the general public, not in senior living communities. Sadly, our residents are more vulnerable to its devistating effects, which is why we take this virus so seriously.

We know that many seniors are fearful of leaving their homes to go to the store or pharmacy. In our secure communities, meals and groceries are delivered to your door by a friendly team members. And our residents are not alone. They receive regular personal visits from our team members, talk with neighbors across the hall (with proper social distancing), and engage in Hallway Bingo, dance parties, and even Happy Hour.

But this time is trying on our residents, as it is for any senior who is afraid to leave their home. Our desire and our mission is about life, and enhancing lives through respect, care, and service. We will continue to be diligent and work hard to protect our residents from harm and help them live life to the fullest, even, and especially now.