Walker Methodist


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Tricia Oian

Director of Social Services

Tricia holds a BA in Sociology, a BS in Psychology, and a minor in Religion and Music from Augsburg College. Tricia came to the Health Center in 2018 after a career at the Department of Human Services and residential homes.

Tricia has developed and trained professionals on CPR, cultural sensitivity and diversity, conflict resolution, person-centered care, and more.

She is known for empowering and developing residents and staff. The best part of her job is having the ability to ask the question "How can we make this better?" When she finds something that really works, she asks, "How can I help this individual so everyone will provide this fantastic level of care? What can I do right now and continue to do consistently to encourage independence and growth in others and myself?" Tricia's philosophy is that we can all learn and be open to adapting to best solve the problem.

When not at the Health Center, you can find Tricia with her family, hiking, going to a movie, reading, or even working with cattle!