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Not Your Typical transitional care

Physical and occupational therapies are available six days a week at Walker Methodist, and speech therapies 5 days a week. Our goal and definition of success is to get you back home to the life you love. Depending on the type of senior care needed, the length and involvement of rehabilitation will vary - and we will customize your program for your maximum benefit every step of the way. Some routines involve re-teaching how to perform certain actions and some routines focus on compensatory strategies. In almost all situations, the earlier an individual can start rehab, the higher their chances are for making a stronger, faster recovery.

Experience meaningful relationships with therapists who are dedicated to providing individualized care, both inpatient and outpatient. You’ll receive personalized care designed to help you maintain maximum independence and achieve your personal goals.

Rehabilitation is not an easy process. It can be tiring and frustrating, but with consistency and diligence results will be achieved. Get your strength and confidence back – and let Walker Methodist transitional care get you back home.

Transitional care provides an intimate environment with one-on-one care,  allowing a personalized team to help you regain independence, build strength,  and transition to a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Request Transitional Care/Rehab