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Reverend Karl Kruse, M.Div.


Reverend Karl Kruse joined Walker Methodist in July of 2018. Reverend Kruse earned a Master of Divinity degree from Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa; a Bachelor of Science degree from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and an Associate of Arts degree from Golden Valley Lutheran College in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Reverend Kruse has also been involved in a Doctor of Ministry program at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a focus on Spiritual Formation in Congregational and Family Care.

Before coming to Walker Methodist, Reverend Kruse most recently served as a Hospice Chaplain. Additionally, he served as a Regional Director and Missionary for an international prayer ministry organization, teaching on prayer and spiritual growth in the U.S., Germany, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Along with areas of specialized ministry, Reverend Kruse has also served for over 20 years in congregational settings in Iowa, Colorado, Utah, and Minnesota.

One of Karl’s joys is to spend time praying and singing with residents, family members, and staff. He believes that music is a special gift that God uses to touch people’s souls and a vehicle to carry God’s grace and compassion. Prayer is also that “special touch” from God that allows us to speak and to listen to God, to experience a unique partnership with God in our life, and to know the intimacy of our God who loves us infinitely. Karl loves praying with people in times of celebration, sorrow, and everything in between.

Although he was born in New Jersey, Karl proudly calls Minnesota home, having grown up in a military family and moving so often that he lived in 10 different homes and attended 10 different schools before graduating from high school. After being widowed in 2010, Karl remarried in 2016 to his wife, Heather. Karl and Heather are both actively involved as prayer ministers at Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, Minnesota. Karl wants to be known as someone who reflects God’s grace in such a way that everyone hears, receives, and knows this truth: “You are a special gift from God!”